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Need all your student information in one place with everything easy to find. This is one of the super-strengths of OpenRoad. We also track the students progress throughout their time with your school, tell you their attendance, grades, how much they owe, and so much more…

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We have too many features to list; here are just some:

  • Attendance (General, BTW lessons and BTW evaluations)
  • Automated transmission of necessary documents to TPR.FMCSA
  • BTW grades (Average scores, best scores and drill down to each evaluation)
  • Quiz scores
  • Documents, including supporting documents, CLP, CDL and any additional documents added to the student’s file
  • Status history (when the student progressed through the flow of the school), with notes for each step of progress.
  • Certificate of graduation – customized to your needs
  • Exportable Student file, choose the information you want to include in one easy and complete downloadable zip file
  • Payment Information, including all past payments and any outstanding balance
  • Notes (both admin and instructor)
  • Student transcript, generated from the system and editable by an admin
  • Automated messaging system between students and admins/instructors
  • Automated evaluations/surveys to send to students during or after the course
  • Job Board and placement management for current and past students
  • Automatic progress flow through school. The OpenRoad student progress flow is as follows (students may enter mid-way):
  • Enrolled
  • Virtual Class
  • Awaiting permit (Send data to FMCSA)
  • Has Permit
  • Training/Yard
  • Awaiting DMV test (Send data to FMCSA)
  • DMV test scheduled
  • DMV passed or DMV failed

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