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Can OpenRoad send information according to the new EDLT requirements

Yes, OpenRoad is fully integrated to send the needed information to the FMCSA according to the new EDLT guidelines, effective Feb 7th. 2022.

Do I need this software for my school?

If you run a truck driving school, yes you do. OpenRoad was built as an end-to-end solution for you. Let us give you a free demo and we’ll show you how.

Do I need to install any software?

No, OpenRoad is 100% cloud based and will run on any web browser, on any laptop, tablet or smartphone

Is there are cost for multiple administrators and instructors?

There is no cost and no limit to the number of Administrators and Instructors your school can have.

Is there a portal for administrators, instructors and students?

Yes, Adminstrators, Instructors and students all have their own personalized portal areas.

Can students upload their documents and sign any agreements on their own device?

Yes and Yes. Students can upload (or photograph) any paperwork themselves and e-sign their enrolment documents. These are stored within their student area.

Is the Data safe and secure?

Yes and Yes. All data is encrypted when uploaded and stored. It is stored using Amazon Web Services servers and databases.

Who owns the data?

You do. It is never shared with a third party and all information related to your school and students is owned by you, forever.


Do I need a computer?

No. The instructor portal is built to allow instructors to use a handheld tablet in the classroom or yard.

How do I take attendance?

Easily. You will see a list of students. Just tap a student to check them in or out. You can also check a whole class in or out with one tap.

Can I make my own classroom curriculum?

Yes, you can. We allow you to create an unlimited amount of classroom content, including images and videos. We also allow you to create quizzes related to that content, with time tracking and automatic scoring.

Can I make my own Behind the Wheel lessons and evals?

Yes. You can make an unlimited number of Pre-Trip, Basic Driving skills and Driving Evaluations. Lesson time and Evaluation/Testing time is tracked, and scoring is automatic, and based on your guidelines for Pass, Probation and Fail.

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