Making it real easy for everyone

Instructors can do everything needed on a handy tablet and students can use their phones to upload documents, see their grades, and monitor their progress. 

We focus on the nuts and bolts, so you can focus on your team and students


Never lose another important document ever again! Upload with one snap, sign electronically, and that’s it – everything will be securely stored, encrypted, kept in separate virtual files for each student, and indefinitely backed-up in the cloud for easy access.



Take a customer from applicant to student faster than ever and don’t lose track of an application status ever again. Fully customizable forms and requirements for each particular case, plus an automatic messaging system to simplify the whole enrolment flow.


Keep track accurately of your students’ time in the classroom, yard, BTW, or during evaluations at a touch of a button. Record attendance and absences separately for each activity and for multiple students simultaneously, filter information & generate reports as needed.



Help your students graduate faster by giving them the ability to read the classroom materials assigned and take timed quizzes from anywhere they are. Upload your current classroom content as videos, PDFs, or images, and we will automatically send the data to FMCSA.

Behind the Wheel

Record your students’ attendance, progress, grades, and notes on the spot using just a tablet. Create an unlimited combination of different lessons & evaluations, link them to any locations, students, instructors, license types, and give a pass/probation/fail status automatically through a full-featured lesson scheduler.


Student files

Never lose track of any of your past or current student’s progress. Grades, attendance, amounts paid and owed, transcripts, certificate of graduation, job board and placement management, and much more in just one place, filterable by reporting needs and easily downloadable!

Finance and Payments

Now you can have all the payments in one place so that you can keep track of any outstanding balances. Set a payment schedule according to the chosen financing type of your student and send notifications when it’s coming due.



Don’t waste more time and resources searching through infinite piles of papers. Use extensive search parameters to retrieve any piece of information you need from the cloud at any moment. Create performance fact sheets, certificates, and student transcripts at the touch of one button.

What they say


  • “I used to spend 2 hours compiling a daily attendance sheet.
    With OpenRoad I just print the PDF report and send it.”
  • “I can just schedule all the instructors and their lessons for the week on Monday morning and I’m done.”

    Lead Instructor
  • “Before, I would spend so much time looking through a stack of papers in a student file, trying to find a document.
    Now, I just print or download the document.”
  • “I was in a truck with a clipboard, trying to check a box and remember my notes. 
    Now, all I need is my tablet to grade. And I can even dictate notes.”

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