Tired of printing the same documents day after day and year after year.

Creating Performance Fact Sheets every fall is time that could be spent doing more productive things. Our automated documents and reports will allow you  to instantly generate and print any needed document.

Our reports allow you to get a broad snapshot of attendance, missing documents, grades, finances, etc. at any time, so you get a better full picture of your school.

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You can create the following documents and reports

  • Certificate of Graduation (customized for your school)
  • Student Transcript (with override capabilities)
  • Student File (choose the sections you want to include)
  • Performance Fact sheets (for each location and/or license type)

Reports (all with multiple search parameters)

  • Daily Attendance
  • Attendance
  • General attendance
  • BTW lessons
  • BTW evaluations
  • BTW lessons taken
  • BTW grades
  • Missing supporting documents
  • Revenue

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