Finance and Payments

We always need to know about our finances. OpenRoad gives you complete control of your finance and payment requirements. We are also in the process of continually building more reports concerning finance, and are listening to our customers about what they need

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We have too many features to list; here are just some:

  • Unlimited financing types (ie: self-pay, financed, VA, work-center), color-coded for easy reference
  • Link required supporting documents and enrollment documents to a finance type
  • Set a payment schedule for each finance type based on status, hours or days, with notifications when a payment is coming due
  • Record all payments to keep track of outstanding balances.
  • Show a student’s outstanding balance in their portal
  • Revenue report with multiple search parameters, with the ability to print and/or export
  • Enrolled
  • Virtual Class
  • Awaiting permit (Send data to FMCSA)
  • Has Permit
  • Training/Yard
  • Awaiting DMV test (Send data to FMCSA)
  • DMV test scheduled
  • DMV passed or DMV failed

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