OpenRoad utilizes a structured enrollment flow, so you always know what an applicant needs and your enrollment does not get stuck or overwhelmed.

Forms, questions and requirements are configured by you, and can be different for locations and/or license types.

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  • Enrollment is done completely online
  • Forms, questions, and requirements can all be customized using the admin area
  • Multiple financing types and payment schedules (with auto notifications)
  • Customized supporting document requirements for any combination of financing type and location. A document can be required for enrollment or before graduation
  • Customized enrollment document requirements for any combination of financing type and location.
  • Automatic messaging system between applicants and admin/recruiters
  • Unlimited notes for admins/recruiters and internal chat system
  • Automatic progress flow through the enrollment process. The enrollment flow is as follows:
  • Application draft (while student is filling in the initial information
  • Application submitted, pending review
  • Approved, awaiting supporting documents
  • Supporting documents submitted, pending review
  • Enrollment approved, awaiting enrollment documents
  • Enrolled (applicant becomes a student)
  • Note: There are also options to deny an applicant during this flow and step back in the process

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